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Journey of Faith Baptist Church

"Believing Without Boundaries"

I've Got A Testimony!

" I enjoy being under Pastor Johnson's spiritual leadership because he creates a very non-judgmental environment. Pastor Johnson truly loves his flock and is there to help in any way. Our congregation is like a family. Not only does he encourage us to stand in the GAP for our fellow brethren, he practices this principle to the fullest."

Kimberly Washington

“The level of service at Journey of Faith Baptist Church is fantastic. I am not a member as I live in Houston, but this is my church home during my visits to the Dallas area. I am consistently impressed by the love and support 0f every member here. God bless you all. Thank you!”

Lena Clendening

" I love the "Family Oriented" atmosphere. I also love how Pastor Johnson keeps smiles on our faces and how he keeps it real when he is preaching the word."

John Barry

"I attend JOF because of the teaching of God's word. Pastor Johnson has the ability to translate the word, in ways that make it easier to understand, which helps us to apply and deal with the things happening today. Also I get fed spiritually and that is something I desire so much. I love giving God the praise because he has given me much more than I could ever repay."

Tommy Lang

"I love attending my church because it is an inspiration and a pleasure to walk with a man who walks in God's light!"

Christi Cravin

"The Journey of Faith ministry has been an awakening for me. It has been a calming force within my life. The ministry has helped me begin the journey to finding my purpose in life."

Lynarval Washington

"I enjoy attending JOF because of the good teaching and the loving people that are present."

Marcus Johnson

"I was once in a dark place and when I started coming to this church, it made me realize that I didn't have to be. There has always been a positive atmosphere and an encouraging word. I have been blessed with a new family here who has shown me love and the light!"

Stephanie Martinez Moore

"There are so many reasons I love JOF: the way our Pastor expounds on God's word so even a child can receive understanding; the loving family oriented environment and most of all, how the Holy Spirit simply abides here and His presence is felt every time I enter into this sanctuary!"

Marion Johnson, First Lady

He Wants It All

Forever Jones